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Travel more, pay less. Shifting to electric has never been this easy.

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Elevate your charging experience with Yatri Energy

We are redefining how you will think about traveling on your electric vehicle. Embrace the power of our state-of-the-art Yatri Fast Charging Stations and a world-class Yatri Energy App for an unparalleled charging experience.

App features
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Easy experience with Yatri Energy app

Experience the future of charging with our Yatri Energy app

Find charging stations near you effortlessly, wherever you are. Our app's intuitive map interface displays all available stations, helping you plan your route and eliminate range anxiety.

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Membership Subscription

Ready to take the hassle out of EV charging? Subscribe to our Charging Station Subscription Plan today and experience the future of effortless electric vehicle charging. Discover the perfect plan for your needs.


Become a guest.

  • Includes service charge and device access fee.
  • No strings attatched.

Pay as you charge.


50 kWh

Tailored for exploring

  • Limited to 50 kWh or 1 month
  • Reduced charging fee

Rs. 199.00


150 kWh

Tailored for occasional traveller.

  • Limited to 150 kWh or 1 month
  • Reduced charging fee

Rs. 399.00


450 kWh

Tailored for frequent traveller.

  • Limited to 450 kWh or 1 month
  • Reduced charging fee

Rs. 699.00


Unlimited kWh

Frequent traveller / Business

  • Save massively on every km for quickest ROI on your public vehicles
  • Without utitlity fees and minimum service charge

Get in touch

Empower your journey

Use the Yatri Energy mobile app to find a public charging station. Sign up for an account and enjoy exclusive, members-only public charging features and pricing.


Become a Yatri charger host

Reach out to us to install a Yatri charging station at your business property.

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Unlock the charging station info at your fingertips!

Designed to empower you with unparalleled access and control over your charging station. From the comfort of your office or even on the go, you can conveniently monitor, track, and fine-tune every aspect of your charging infrastructure with ease.

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Take the wheel of your charging station

Access the effortless management and optimization system.

Stay informed about your charging station's energy consumption with detailed analytics. Monitor usage patterns, identify trends and keep track of all the stations's transactions.