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About Yatri

Yatri was founded in 2017 to prove world-class electric vehicles can be designed, engineered and manufactured from the ground up in Nepal - that switching to electric does not have to be a compromise but better, quicker and kinder to the planet.

We exist to reinvent urban mobility.

Yatri’s vision to reinvent urban mobility landscape means creating an entire sustainable ecosystem of products and services. Besides electric vehicles, Yatri manufactures charging wall modules, fast chargers and seamless service architecture to tie everything together into Yatri Hub. Besides the flagship Project Zero, Yatri will expand its product line to a rapidly scalable vehicles from summer 2021 into other exciting market segments. These products will help save over NPR 200,000 over five year period on fuel costs alone and zero maintenance adds to that further. Ultimately, the final piece in the reinvention is the public transportation segment where Yatri will bring the product and service game to a different league.

Summer 2021 and beyond will see rapidly growing strong network of Yatri Fast Chargers across the nation while advent of affordable and exciting products available to more and more people; and emerging mega hydropower projects means an ecosystem that is sustainable and nation changing. A milestone and future we look forward to at Yatri.

A Sustainable Tomorrow.

Our vision is deeply rooted in the belief that electric vehicles (EVs) are the key to a more sustainable and cleaner future. We see a world where carbon emissions are significantly reduced, and air quality is improved for the benefit of all. By enabling businesses to set up charging stations at their locations, we aim to accelerate the adoption of EVs, making sustainable transportation an effortless choice for individuals and organizations alike.

Seamless User Experience.

Central to our vision is the commitment to delivering a hassle-free experience for EV users. We envision a future where customers can seamlessly locate, access, and pay for charging services, eliminating the barriers that may deter them from choosing electric vehicles. [Company Name] is dedicated to simplifying the procedures and ensuring that charging your electric vehicle is as convenient as charging your smartphone.

Empowering Businesses.

We believe in the power of businesses to drive positive change. Our vision is to empower companies of all sizes to contribute to a greener world by offering EV charging solutions tailored to their unique needs. Whether you operate a small café, a bustling shopping mall, or a sprawling corporate campus, we envision a future where you can play a pivotal role in the EV ecosystem by providing charging stations to your customers, employees, and visitors.

Innovation at the Heart.

nnovation is the lifeblood of our vision. We aspire to stay at the forefront of technology, continually improving our charging infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of the electric vehicle industry. Our commitment to innovation ensures that our partners and customers have access to cutting-edge solutions that not only meet current demands but also anticipate future trends in sustainable transportation.

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